Originally, celebrated dance artist Learie Mc Nicolls created a solo that was eventually performed by himself and Robert Glumbek individually on different occasions all over the world. 25 years later and after much reflection on the recent global events, Robert and Learie felt that reshaping the solo into a duet would give a current perspective on struggle, survival, and resilience. Inspired by Nina Simone’s lyrics from the popular song, “Isn’t It A Pity”, Learie and Robert feel this cinematic version of the duet is also a strong statement of change and hope. 
Choreographed by Learie Mc Nicolls 
Danced by Robert Glumbek and Learie Mc Nicolls 
Videography – Daniel Mc Arthur 
Music – Arthur Mc Arthur 
Voiced by Learie Mc Nicolls 
Directed by Roberto Campanella