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All proceeds of your generous donations go to the team of artists and creators who brought I-SOLO to life.

Isolated with only inanimate objects for companionship, a woman transcends darkness and loneliness through connection and joy in this new dance film.

ProArteDanza blended dance and virtual reality in I-SOLO. Featuring choreography by Roberto Campanella in collaboration with dance artist Kelly Shaw, ProArteDanza partnered with OCCUPIED and SYMMETRIC to explore new possibilities and present an out of body experience.  ProArteDanza is able to operate and engage artists due to the generosity of supporters like you. We are excited to continue creating and sharing relevant, passionate work.

Produced by ProArteDanza, Symmetrica and OCCUPIED
Choreography: Roberto Campanella in collaboration with Kelly Shaw
Dance Artist: Kelly Shaw
Music: Phil Strong
Director: Alex Olegnowicz
Director of Photography: Raj Nandy